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A primary mortgage institution (PMI) that is regulated by the Other Financial Institutions Department of the Central Bank.


…the Specialist Bank

Livingtrust Mortgage Bank- the Specialist Bank in Mortgages and medium to bottom pyramid firms financing.

Livingtrust (LTMB) caters for few identified markets. Over the years, with the help of specialized training, learnings drawn from on-the-field experiences, knowledge mined from over 30years of data gathering and with the support of skilled managers who are subject-matter experts, we thoroughly comprehend these markets.

Our concentration on these markets enables us to design bespoke products and services to give our customers uncommon excellent experiences, turning customers to fans in the process. All our activities are aligned with our vision- to be the undisputable leader in our selected markets. But of course, we know the attraction of curiosity- of what other things exist, what could be and what is behind the fence- but we know that the difference between ants and giants is focused specialization. We therefore rest content with what we know more than others.

We have come to know this as- guaranteed success through mastery.


LivingTrust Mortgage Bank Plc was incorporated on March 9, 1993. The Bank converted from a Private Limited Liability Company to a Public Limited Liability Company on January 25, 2013 and subsequently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on December 11, 2013 where its shares are being publicly traded.

The principal activity of the Bank is the provision of mortgage financing, Real Estate Construction finance amongst other banking services to individuals, groups and corporate entities.The Bank has made significant impact in reducing housing deficits by advancing residential mortgage loans to thousands of individuals and has also financed tens of estate development projects across several states of the federation. Beyond its impact in Nigerian metropolises, the Bank has provided mortgage loans to several average and low-income earners to acquire residential houses in urban sprawls and semi-rural areas, in a bid to drive mortgage inclusion which is a fundamental strategic focus of the Bank. In consideration of the financial inclusion drive of the Bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria recently gave approval to the Bank as a participating financial institution in MSME funding. Since the CBN approval, Livingtrust Mortgage Bank Plc has disbursed loan facilities to over 620 small businesses across different regions of Nigeria. The Bank also participates in the National Housing Fund scheme.


To be the foremost Mortgage Bank enabling sustainable housing in our market.


Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering superior performance leveraging technology and a motivated Team.


At Livingtrust, we consider the provision of shelter to be a higher calling. Our business philosophy is simple- to harness the potentials of our people and resources to designing bespoke products that make mortgage available to all income strata, thereby placing Nigerians in safe and habitable homes; one person at a time.

On daily basis, we animate this philosophy. We pay attention to our human capital, retaining and assembling the best people, and guiding them to actualize our objectives, having equipped them for superior performance. The outcome of this, which we strive to maintain, is that we have a product to assist anyone in owning a house, regardless of the income class. We each own a piece of the Bank, and every day, we put our heart and soul into making Livingtrust better with an unrelenting focus on results over processes. This way, we achieve great things!

We pledge to be a responsible corporate entity, ensuring sound corporate governance practices and agile risk management initiatives towards preserving the confidence reposed in us by all our stakeholders.

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At Livingtrust, the pursuit of profits is not our singular purpose, but we fix our gaze on the factors and processes we combine to deliver on our promises, thereby bringing satisfaction to all our stakeholders.


Trust and Integrity are the DNA of our existence.

We carry out all businesses in strict adherence to integrity, and in compliance with best practices. We never compromise in our dealings with all stakeholders.


At LivingTrust, we understand and feel the needs of all stakeholders because we work together to achieve a common goal and we strive harder to meet their expectations.


We take calculated risk in the most responsible manner, daily applying the best of ourselves to our transactions. We implement the right strategy from start to finish, with no loss of enthusiasm.


We do not pretend to have secret formula to success, we simply mandate ourselves to do what is right and superb all the time. We acknowledge difficulty, but we are not a believer in impossibility. We strive to do things right until we get it right and once we get it right, we apply speed.


We will not remain where we are and we will not stay where are going. We are constantly evolving and we will do so- faster than our customers to be able to meet their perceptions; faster than the business environment so as to be active and not re-active; and faster than competition so as to continuously win in the market.

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